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We are looking for persons than wish distribute our Mexican hammocks Buying 20 Hammocks we offer lower prices and special low rates by UPS Ground to continental US and by FedEx to international places For more information please contact us
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Tels. (52-999)9 24·12·08 MEXICO is the largest supplier of handmade Hammocks in México
Mayan Hammocks

Hammocks : If you are looking for the best quality hammocks at the lowest possible price, you have come to the right place:! Our quality control begins with the thread used to weave the hammocks. For 35 years our family has been manufacturing the strings used by the Mayans who weave our hammocks. We have made and are responsible for the approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) of strings in each hammock. No other company in the market has this degree of quality control!

From our factory the string goes to over 500 families in the Yucatan country side who carry out the hand weaving process. We have been working with many of the same families for several generations. We know their skills and they know our requirements. We are a team! When the weaving is complete (3 – 5 days, depending on the size) the hammock are brought to our warehouse in the center of Merida for a final inspection then they are shipped across the globe. is the largest seller of Mayan hammocks in the world. From start to finish we guarantee their quality!

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Special Hammocks
Curved Spreader Bar Hammock Curved Spreader Bars Hammocks
List Price: $ 119.98
Sale Price: $ 109.98
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Pastel Color Hammock Pastel Pink Hammocks
Available in All Sizes
From: $ 55.98
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Crochet The Finest Hammocks In the World
It is the Best Hammock of the World, the finest and thinnest cotton string is weave in the best professional way.
Available Only
New Pastel Color Line

Available In all sizes
double, matrimonial, family, jumbo
Crochet Hammock Crochet Hammocks
List Price: $ 265.00
Sale Price: $ 195.00
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Copyright 2015 - 3174 Big Ridge RD Lost City, West Virginia 26810 USA
USA &CANADA Call Us Toll Free At:1 888 526 2234