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Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives

Publications and video-tapes of the ISA Regional Conferences

International Sociological Association organized in 1996 and 1997 ten regional conferences around the globe, each addressing the theme of the recently held XIV World Congress of Sociology (Montreal, July 1998): Social Knowledge: Heritage, Challenges, Perspectives. The ten regional conferences each has produced a small book, discussing the state of sociology and its future not in the region but as seen from the region. There was also commissioned a special volume on this question as seen from the point of view of world feminism, and moreover a Southeast Asia volume was prepared after the Congress.

These volumes collectively represent a genuine insight into the range of views about sociology as it has developed in the different regions of the world. A world debate infused with the background of reading these 12 volumes may help us make a significant step forward in the construction of a genuinely international mode of analysis and create a common baseline of contributions by sociologists from around the globe.

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Arab World Abdelkader Zghal & Ahmed Idah Ouederni USD 10
East Asia Su-Hoon Lee USD 10
East-Central Europe Piotr Sztompka USD 10
Feminist Perspective Linda Christiansen-Rufman Out of print
Latin America Roberto Briceño-León & Heinz Sonntag Out of print
Lusophone World Ana Nunes de Almeida USD 10
North America Janet L. Abu-Lughod Out of print
Nordic European Countries Margaretta Bertilsson & Göran Therborn Out of print 
South Asia Partha Mukherji, Jacop Aikara, Chandan Sengupta USD 10 
Southern Africa Ari Sitas & Teresa Cruz e Silva USD 10 
Southern Europe Caglar Keyder USD 10 
Southeast Asia Syed Farid Alatas Out of print
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